Peter Stoddard

Stoddard Media


1400 Market Place Blvd
Cumming, GA 30041
Phone: 678-725-5889


Stoddard Media ~ Your Great Story Told Well to the World. 

We specialize in public relations writing, press releases, blogs, website content, email campaigns and more. We do what the PR industry call "content marketing" or "inbound marketing". 

Everyone has a great story to tell, no exceptions. You may think your story is not interesting to others, but we beg to differ. You very likely have many great stories to tell. If your business as gained special recognition, is celebrating an anniversary, growing and hiring, expanding to a new facility or hosting a special event - we help you tell the world about it. Each of these constitutes a great story. 

We help you craft the right words to generate buzz and make your phone ring. Our style of choice is to be rather "audacious". We believe you should be bold and unpredictable in your messaging - even if that is not the nature of work you do. In today's marketplace it is vital to stand out and separate yourself from your competition.

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